Pedal Powered Tuesdays Promo Video for 8/18/09

Well, as most of know, we got rained out last week. With heavy downpours, there were two (my friends, Steve Hodgkins and Ben Wynn) riders. Way to go guys!

I was sitting at the Dugout waiting to see if the rain would lift and how to get my batch of items staged down behind Nina’s Upfront & Pleasant shop back home.

We will do everything mentioned in the video post for last week (8/11/09) this coming week, on August 18th. Thanks for your patience, hope you can make it on the 18th and please spread the word.

We want to get as many people as we can to ride in a group formation. Been seeing lots of people on bikes these days around town and it is great! Don’t forget, 7 PM on Tuesday!

Visit our website at to learn about how you can help add to our numbers.

We are a local, environmentally-minded group looking to ride together to spread a message of keeping local transportation earth-friendly whenever possible.

If you or anyone you know in the Farmington area is interested in riding for the non-motorized cause, come out and meet at the Meetinghouse Park Gazebo at 7 PM every Tuesday in August.

Contact Jeremy at 232-4691 for more information. You may also email me at


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