Why We Need A Green Revolution

The Background

In case you never saw Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth or read his book of the same name, according to information compiled by the world’s geologists, climatologists and other researchers, our human impact in the last few centuries may have greatly changed life here on earth as we know it. The correlation is examined in a fair amount of detail on the EPA website.

On the other side of things, there are others going out of their way to disprove many of Al Gore’s points. Here are more than several links to illustrate the areas that Gore’s critics say are falsehoods.*

I have to say that its hard to know what research to believe, I haven’t had the time to boil it all down and examine the heart of the dissent.

Here is a story on the US Chamber of Commerce weighing-in with their thoughts on Climate change being manmade.

Seems interesting that the US Chamber of Commerce is threatening the EPA with a lawsuit, considering it missed the deadline for public comment. This seems to be the best summary of what the Chamber wants to reveal about the EPA’s findings. But there is something that we can do and lots being done already to attempt to change the course of an already-warming planet. Climate change is real and we are causing it, at least according to what I interpreted as true. Interesting! Here is a petition to check out related to the Chamber of Commerce/EPA issue.

No matter what your thoughts are on the level of human involvement on our resources and the connections that are made between things like deforestation, water usage, and drought, there are, I think many ways that humans are contributing to a changing world environment. The footage from the video above of the methane bubbling in the arctic is just a little scary..

Unfortunately, as you may remember from Gore’s film, we can’t resurrect the cooler temperatures from years ago by dropping a giant ice cube in the oceans by aircraft like the cartoon. And if we are creating the phenomenon known as global warming, then it should be our duty to try and conserve what resources a changing world may require. With an enormous range of biodiversity on our planet, climate change may effect chances for survival of the species of plants and animals and humans in proximity to the effected areas.

As I sit here writing this, I’m looking at the number of mistakes, inaccuracies, frauds or inconsistencies that one website cites that Mr. Gore is considered to have wrongly stated. Give it a read, at the following link: http://scienceandpublicpolicy.org/monckton/goreerrors.html Ha, 35 errors! Most of these are related to the lack of scientific accuracy that a British Judge and others have accused Gore of exhibiting in his 2006 film. So, then I kept reading and looking and found this article, where two British Professors reason that the issues that Gore is supposed to have mentioned that were inaccurate are largely within debatable areas of the scientific research.

How fast will the trends continue or increase? How much water will there be? No one knows, mostly because we can’t predict the future. There are some troubling trends in the past 30 years, however. So, I guess it might be better to err on the side of being overcautious with the earth? No, definitely, we shouldn’t worry? What do you think? In a democratic society, a lot of discussion takes place and guess what? The people get to decide, with their vote! Or maybe you get an event like a full-blown lawsuit between theUS Chamber of Commerce and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Oh, so I guess that means we should just argue with this issue and not take any action? Congress is still out on this one… To the reader, I leave it up to you everyday to make decisions about how much water you use daily, how far your food travels, and how full your trash cans are every week, etc.

Remember, we do influence the future with our current actions and if you have a mind to change things, you can. That’s all I have to say to wrap this part of the blog post up.. Thanks for listening! If you want to change your own personal habits and influence others, you can. Remember, this is America and people do pretty much what their neighbors do. Read NOAA’s statement about climate change and the weather associated with higher carbon levels.

The solution?

What if your neighbor is Iver Lofving? I met Iver last week and he invited me to show me how he and his wife save money and cut their dependence on fossil fuels by what he believes to be about half.
Here is the Youtube.com video where I interview Iver and actually testdrive a solar-powered vehicle that he owns called the SUNNev. The vehicle is a small, low-range, low-speed, light two-seater made in nearby Norridgewock, Maine. Here is Iver showing me around his Skowhegan home and letting me try out his SUNNev:

Iver will be one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Conservation Fair and we are excited to have him scheduled. I will be posting the Fair Schedule soon, so you will understand what will take place, hour by hour. He was interviewed by the folks at CNN, after being volunteered by others on a Peak Oil Website that Iver visits. Here is that footage, enjoy!:

*Here are the articles about Al Gore’s alleged innaccuracies and exaggerations:









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