Nordica Evening Program for October 24th


WordPlay Theater


A Song-writing Contest

For the 350 Day Celebration on October 24th!

Do you have a song you’ve written about the current global climate crisis? Have you always wanted to write one? Now is your chance! Write and submit a song to our contest and win the opportunity to perform or have it performed on the evening of October 24th in Nordica Auditorium during the 350 Day Concert.

For those of you who don’t yet know, 350 Day is an international day of global climate awareness. The number “350” refersto the highest amount of carbon dioxide (in parts per million) in the atmosphere that can be sustained without global climate change occurring. We are well above that number now and climbing. Communities throughout the world are planning many activities to raise the awareness of this crisis on Oct 24th; Farmington along with UMF has a full day of activities planned.

WordPlay Theater is putting together an entertaining and informative evening concert featuring such local performers as Bill Berlinghoff, Ruth Hill, and many others. The theme of the concert is “what can musicians do?” and will capstone the day’s activities in Farmington. Musicians historically have had great impact on people in many ways: increasing awareness, stimulating change, amusing, and distracting, for example. The 350 concert will do all those and more, using music and song both from today and from the past.

We would love to include a local song written just for this occasion. So we are sponsoring a contest. All types of original songs will be considered.  They can be funny, serious, informative, folksy, modern, classical-sounding, solo, ensemble, etc.  The only criteria are that the song deals with the issue at hand specifically (global climate change) and that it can be performed with minimal staging.

The winning song will be performed in the evening during the 350 Day Concert in Nordica Auditorium on Oct 24th at 7:30 PM.   For those of you who write songs but would rather not get up and perform, we have willing singers available to do that for you.  For those of you who like to perform, we would love to have you sing your song yourself!

The judges (not involved themselves in the show at all) will be making their decision based on originality, appropriateness of the theme, musicality, and performability.   Judging will be blind (no names given to judges).

Deadline for submissions is October 12th.  The winner will be announced the following week.  Simply send a recording of the song (rough is ok!) or a link on the web and a print-out of the lyrics to Sarah Sloane via email ( or snailmail (Division of Natural Sciences, UMF, Farmington, ME 04938).

Please call (778-4770) or email me with questions.


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