The Economics Of 350 – From the E3 Network Website

The E3 Network is according to the group’s website, “a network of economists who are developing and applying economic arguments for active protection of human health and the natural environment.”

The E3 Network’s website contains a lot of great information that helps organize and offer public access to open source materials, dissertations, and educational resources.   In addition to the news and information on the environment, the E3 Network also hosts trainings and summer internships related to green economic sectors and works within a Climate Economics Taskforce.

Here are the goals of the taskforce:

“The goal of the climate taskforce is to establish an integrated response to climate change that is firmly rooted in science and in E3’s commitment to social justice. The research of the climate taskforce is guided by the following principles:

  • Risk and uncertainty are fundamental to the climate problem; the magnitude and the irreversibility of uncertain, but possible, worst-case climate impacts dominate the analysis of policy options.
  • Ethics and equity are inseparable from economic analysis; there are deep questions of fairness between rich and poor today, and between present and future generations, at stake in the debate.
  • The severity of the problem and the scope of the required response are so great that marginal analysis of small changes and modest adjustments of market-based instruments are inadequate to the task of understanding and protecting the earth’s climate.”  ~ From E3 Network Website

Here’s a link to their manifesto: Real People, Real Environments, and Realistic Economics

Check it out!  Here’s a link to their paper on the Economics of 350.

Now’s the time for us to lead:


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