Thanks For Coming Out on a Rainy Day


Just wanted to send a thank you to everyone from the community that came out to our event yesterday at the Community Center.  It turned out to be fun and worthwhile, a success, in my opinion.  I couldn’t have done it without all of you and your hard work prepping for the event – so thanks for your emails, phone calls and contacts.

For all the details and logistics, we did our best to support you.  If you see Jean Luc Theriault and Dennis Haszko, please extend a warm thank you. Both were extremely valuable in keeping things running smoothly.

Thanks for the efforts of Two Oaks to Go for providing us the coffee makers, to Sarah Winslow, Andy Marble, and Mariah Carriero for providing wonderful food, and another special thank you to Nina of Upfront and Pleasant for our organic French and Sumatran roasted coffees.

Thanks for the efforts of  fair attendees, fair exhibitors, the Sustainable Campus Coalition’s student members, as well as the co-coordinators, Drew Barton and Valerie Huebner.  Everything was polished and well-received.  Thanks to Ben Hanstein and folks at the Daily Bulldog for covering our event.  Read the story here.  Valerie Tucker wrote a great story as well for the Morning Sentinel, thanks Valerie! The story is here.

Also, a thank you goes to Chris Knapp, Iver Lofving, Drew Barton, and Dion Olmstead for speaking during yesterday’s Keynote Address.

& to Joanna Wilbur, Joe Stoltz, Jean Luc, Wil Davis and Dion Olmstead: thanks very much for sticking around to help close things down.  And of course a big thank you goes to Steve Shible and Joe Nelson of the Farmington Rec Dept for providing us the space!

I will be sending out hard copies of our thanks in a few days, to vendors and others ..  If you don’t receive one, its because I don’t have your address!  Also, there are two students from UMF who are in the process of working on a documentary video that might be available for public viewing around January.  I’ll try to get word out to people when I hear more.

What did people think of last night’s performance?  I thought it was very memorable.. Thanks to the performers, to Dale Hill and to Jane Parker and Sarah Sloane for putting this wonderful, whimsical, and touching event together.  Anybody else already looking forward to next year?

Please send me any comments or feedback related to the scheduling of events or organization for this year’s 350 day.  I will compile this and look it over with the organizational committee as we discuss the format for next year.

Community-minded individuals can have a huge impact on the greater good, we will be publishing photos at the flickr page for the Conservation Fair very soon, so stay tuned.




2 responses to “Thanks For Coming Out on a Rainy Day

  1. Hey Jeremy – you’re welcome! Helping to clean up is the least we could do after all the time you spent preparing for the event. I thought everything went really smoothly, and I’m glad you chose to have speakers from the community, so people know what we are already doing for solutions to climate change. rock on.

    • Good stuff! We bumped into Chris Knapp out gathering acorns yesterday in Temple. This area is a small place when you look at all of our shared interests.. Glad you signed up so many new co-op members,


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