New For 2010 – Local Events in the Works

Hi everyone,

thanks for visiting our site.  A new season has arrived, spring has sprung!  This year, we plan to bring to the Greater Franklin County area, enhanced efforts to spread the word about consuming less energy and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, while at the same time eating and buying locally.  At the current time, promoting non-motorized, local traffic and connecting visitors to the agricultural treasures of this area seems to be where we are heading.  That said, Pedal-Powered Tuesdays will be starting back up on Tuesday, June 1.

We are a collective of bicycling enthusiasts from the Farmington, Maine area looking to create critical mass, small town style..  Anyone may join!

“Pedal Powered Tuesdays” will occur every Tuesday night during the months of June, July & August. Its usually weather-permitting, so keep that in mind and we will try to plan weekly destinations that either tie participants in with natural areas located close to town or introduce people to local businesses in support of a healthy cause. We think its fun to share the knowledge of these areas and businesses with others in addition to simply getting more people to be active outdoors.

Local residents of Farmington and surrounding areas within biking distance are invited to hop on their bicycles and meet at the Meetinghouse Park Gazebo, Tuesdays between 5 and 5:15 PM. The ride will usually last around 30 minutes.

The event is being organized by local community member Jeremy Smith and others.  Feel free to contact Jeremy if you have any questions at

Also, there will be more information available about the efforts to connect individuals with the agricultural treasures in this area.  We are hoping to have several strands of bike tours (car traffic will also be fine) later in the summer to connect farms with visitors and locals.  More on that this summer!


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