Hungry for Local Foods? Pedal on By This Tuesday

Pedal-Powered Tuesdays Preview on March 30 at 5:30 PM at the Meetinghouse Park Gazebo

We are a collective of bicycling enthusiasts from the Farmington, Maine area looking to create critical mass, small town style..  Anyone may join!

“Pedal Powered Tuesdays” will occur every Tuesday night during the months of June, July & August. Its usually weather-permitting, so keep that in mind and we will try to plan weekly destinations that either tie participants in with natural areas located close to town or introduce people to local businesses in support of a healthy cause. We think its fun to share the knowledge of these areas and businesses with others in addition to simply getting more people to be active outdoors.

For our “Pedal-Powered Tuesdays Preview” on March 30, weather-permitting we’re going to bike to the West Farmington Grange to view the space currently used by the Farmington Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.  The ride will last for about an hour and will celebrate the recent move by the Farmington Food Co-op to the grange for Saturday operations, Tuesday meetings and Thursday food pickups.  Please join us for a healthy ride across town, weather-permitting!

You may visit our homepage for up to the minute information related to this and other events, here:

If you’re interested in joining the Farmington Food Co-op and would like more information, request to join by visiting here:

The Farmington Food Co-op helps members to buy food in bulk from organic Maine food producers and growers, with little to no mark-up.  Why make a trip to Whole Foods Market or pay an additonal mark-up for hard-to-get items when The Crown of Maine delivers locally-produced items here every two weeks?


One response to “Hungry for Local Foods? Pedal on By This Tuesday

  1. I’d like to join the coop. I live in N. Anson. Will there be a bike ride on Tuesday?
    Can someone contact me regarding joining?


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