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I am Jeremy Smith, a citizen of the town of Farmington.   I am 33 years old, a social worker with the agency, Providence Service Corporation and a teacher at Maranacook High School in nearby Readfield.    As someone who has been lucky to call the Sandy River Valley for many years, I am proud to have been born here, partly-grown up here, and to have come back to settle here after going to school out west and living in Colorado.

Having been a way for a while in the mid 90s to to early 2000’s, I was drawn back to Farmington and the greater Franklin County Area.    I enjoy the land, businesses, and people here and feel very much a part of the many aspects of life in the Western Mountains.   I also enjoy conversations with people who are working hard to make this area what it is.

One of my passions is for creating events that allow local people to connect with others that put so much energy and spirit into this place we call home.  I hope to continue to meet wonderful people that share the same passions and excitement for living and working in an amazing place.

I am glad to have found a home here as an artist, educator, active community organizer, and local citizen.


Thanks for visiting my blog and for your interest in the fair, here is more general information about the 350 Conservation Fair, to be held at the Farmington Community Center on October 24th of this year.


If you go to http://www.350.org/map and zoom in on Maine, it will actually take you to our action, the Farmington Conservation Fair 2009: Sustainable Practices for Farms, Businesses and Community.

Here’s the link for our action : http://www.350.org/o24/action/5301


To sum up the purpose of the day, the following is a key statement from the 350.org website:

“On October 24, we will stand together as one planet and call for a fair global climate treaty. United by a common call to action, we’ll make it clear: the world needs an international plan that meets the latest science and gets us back to safety.

This movement has just begun, and it needs your help.

Here’s the plan: we’re asking you, and people in every country on earth, to organize an action in their community on October 24.

There are no limits here–imagine bike rides, rallies, concerts, hikes, festivals, tree-plantings, protests, and more.   Imagine your action linking up with thousands of others around the globe.   Imagine the world waking up.

If we can pull it off, we’ll send a powerful message on October 24: the world needs the climate solutions that science and justice demand.”


Bill McKibben – Author and Activist- USA
Vandana Shiva – Physicist, Activist, Author – India
David Suzuki – Scientist, Author, Activist – Canada
Bianca Jagger – Chair of the World Future Council – UK
Tim Flannery – Scientist, Author, Explorer -Australia
Bittu Sahgal – Editor of Sanctuary magazine – India
Andrew Simmons – Environmental Advocate, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Christine Loh – Environmental Advocate and Legislator – Hong Kong


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